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The Incredible Brain Benefits of Creatine

The Incredible Brain Benefits of Creatine

Most people know creatine for its ability to help you get stronger and add muscle. But, creatine is an incredible nootropic as well.

There are few other natural, safe and effective ways to boost your brain health compared to supplementing with creatine monohydrate. 

Creatine supplementation improves:

  • Memory
  • Logic
  • Problem solving
  • Depression
  • & more

Creatine helps prevents mental fatigue.

Here, creatine has been shown to reduce mental fatigue by over 8X

When you are feeling burnt out after long stretches of mental tasks (work, studying, etc), supplementing to restore levels of creatine can help.

Creatine helps repair your brain.

In traumatic brain injury or concussion, creatine is in high demand to repair the damage.

Supplementing with creatine has shown a near complete recovery across the board in some studies. Reduces headaches, dizziness and other complications.

Creatine helps reduce depression.

A diet lacking in creatine can drastically increase your risk of depression - nearly two fold. This can be a major issue for anyone on a plant based/vegan diet since creatine is only found in meat.

Luckily, creatine supplementation can rapidly improve depression symptoms.

In some cases over 50%.

5g a day is all you need to get these brain benefits.

Luckily creatine can be easily consumed in powder form or even in tasty gummies. 

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