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Ohlsen In The Open

Spend a day with Noah Ohlsen as he takes on CrossFit Open workout 18.4.

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Xwerks | 305

Alex and Zach Anderson head down to Miami, FL to train with Noah Ohlsen in preparation for the 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games.

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Krill Oil vs Fish Oil

Omega-3s (EPA and DHA) are essential fatty acids critical to multiple functions in your body. 'Essential' means they must be ingested since your body can not produce them on its own.

The benefits from Omega-3 are seemingly endless - it helps support your heart, brain, joints, immune system and more.

The best way to consume omega-3 is to eat fatty fish, such as salmon. If you are not able to, supplementing is recommended. How you supplement is very important.

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