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5 Reasons To Use Creatine

5 Reasons To Use Creatine

Creatine is a fuel source that helps to rapidly produce ATP - a high energy molecule used for energy in the body.

It made its debut in the supplement world in the early 90's after Olympic Athletes were reported to be using it in the 1992 Olympics.

Creatine may be the most effective and well studied sports supplement known to man. It has not been without controversy though.

Here are a few of the many benefits of using creatine:

1. Power and Strength

Creatine is most known for increasing power and strength. Dozens of studies have shown supplementing with creatine along with a training regiment can increase strength 12-20% and power 12-26%.

2. Its helps You Recover

In multiple ways, creatine helps you recover. During a workout, creatine enables you to rest less in between sets, allowing you to perform more work in less time.

Creatine also allows you to recover quicker between training sessions. Creatine supplementation helps reduce damage caused to muscle fibers caused by hard workouts.

3. Increases Anaerobic Capacity

Creatine has been shown to increase anaerobic (high intensity) exercise performance allowing you to go harder for longer.

In short explosive exercise, ATP is the main fuel source for your muscles. Supplementing with creatine accelerates the regeneration of ATP stores faster.

4. Brain Gainz

Not only is it good for your muscles, but creatine is good for your brain as well. 

Creatine has been shown to aid in decreasing things like depression, dizziness and headaches in brain injury patients and increase cognition in vegetarians. 

5. Its Very Safe

Years ago creatine gained an undeserving reputation of being unsafe which couldn't be farther from the truth. 

Multiple studies have shown having almost no side effects. One showed over a 21 month period, 98 college football players showed no negative health concerns.

In fact, they found the athletes using creatine experienced fewer incidences of cramping and injury!

What Kind Is Best?

There are many kinds of creatine sold - Monohydrate, phosphate, citrate, ethyl ester, kre-alkalyn, serum and effervescent. 

There is really no substitute for micronized creatine monohydrate (found in Xwerks Lift).

Micronized means the creatine is broken down into smaller particles, allowing for easier digestion and absorption. 

Despite the claims that makers of newer forms of creatine make, majority of research and verifiable results have been done with monohydrate.

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