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PED Users Have An Advantage. Forever.

PED Users Have An Advantage. Forever.

We previously posted in 2021 about a study on mice showing they retained some of the benefits of steroid use even after stopping. 

A study just posted this month confirms this finding in humans: 

The study, published in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, investigated the long-lasting effects of anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) on the cellular properties of human skeletal muscle in former AAS users. This study is significant as there was previously no information available on this topic.

The team performed muscle biopsies on 25 males aged 18-50 years who were engaged in recreational strength training. Of these, 8 were current AAS users, 7 were former AAS users, and 10 were controls (none users). Myonuclei density and myofiber size were quantified using immunofluorescence analysis.

The results showed that type II muscle fibers in former AAS users had a higher myonuclei density and DNA-to-cytoplasm ratio compared to controls, indicating smaller myonuclei domains.

This was even the case four years after stopping AAS. Also, a significant association was found between longer accumulated AAS use and smaller myonuclei domains in previous AAS users. In addition, type I fibers in current AAS users exhibited a higher amount of satellite cells per myofiber compared to controls.

The study suggests that former AAS users retain a higher myonuclei density and DNA-to-cytoplasm ratio in their muscle fibers years after they have stopped using the steroids, indicating a potential for enhanced retraining capacity.


In basic terms, the use of steroids creates more muscle cells which you retain for life, also known to many as "muscle memory".

This could have implications on sports that only temporarily suspend participants that test positive for PEDs.

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