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Is Whey Protein Keto?

Is Whey Protein Keto?

Whey protein is a great choice for keto, but but not all whey.

What Is Keto?

Keto is short for ketosis which is the state of the human body using fats for energy instead of carbs. Thus, to be in ketosis you have to eat little to no carbs.

Typically you need to stay under 20-30g of carbs per day to stay in ketosis.

Is Whey Keto?

Yes an no. If you were to consume the typical, cheap whey protein concentrate found in most powders then, no, it is not keto friendly.

Whey protein concentrate is the most basic form of whey, it is not filtered and still contains carbs unlike whey protein isolate.

Whey isolate uses a filtration process to remove unwanted fats and carbs, leaving you with almost pure protein. The lack of carbs makes this a great keto friendly option.

If you want to learn more about whey protein and reading labels to select the best kind, check out our whey protein guide.


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