Can You Out-train A Bad Diet?

July 30, 2021

Can You Out-train A Bad Diet?

It's a debate that seemly never ends, can you out-train a bad diet?

Jim Defona, owner of CrossFit Havoc, set out to find out. The rules were simple, eat 3 McDonalds everyday for 7 days. Stipulations:

1. Every meal has to be a number
2. At least one soda per day
3. I have to get the large size

Day 1 - His starting weight was 203lbs. 

Day 2 - Weight 201.6lbs

Day 3 - He noted a couple things - commuting to McDonald's 3 times a day is a pain and more importantly, he started to smell horrible during workouts. His weight was still at 201.6lbs

Day 4 - A McFlurry was added for dinner, weight down to 200.2lbs

Day 5 - Jim added additional calories to mitigate the weight loss, 201.4lbs

Day 6 - 200.8lbs

Day 7 - Finished right back at 203lbs thanks to additional calories

After a full week of eating McDonalds Jim noted his energy levels weren't great and the logistics of eating fast food everyday was the biggest challenge. "I don’t recommend anyone else do this."

So can you out-train a bad diet? Jim sure just might smell. 

Watch the experiment on his Instagram.