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Balance Your Daily Protein Intake

November 05, 2021

Balance Your Daily Protein Intake

What did you have for breakfast? How much protein did it have?

The answer is probably not a lot for most people. At best you had a couple eggs and some bacon, most people have something completely void of protein like oatmeal, cereal, etc. 

That type of half assed breakfast consumption might be killing your gains.

Now protein timing isn't the most important thing you should be focusing on, hitting your daily protein goal should be numero uno. But, assuming you are already doing that, what if you could optimize protein synthesis just by shifting your protein intake from later in the day to earlier?

One study out of Japan asked that same question and found that a more symmetrical approach to protein intake produced more results - even with the same overall daily protein intake.

The Study

The study was simple, they took 26 males and divided them into two groups.

Group one received 3 meals with a relatively even protein distribution between them, this was considered the high protein breakfast group.

Group two received 3 meals as well, with most protein coming in at dinner. 

Participants in both groups ate the same amount of total protein daily, 1.3g of protein per kg of body weight. Only the distribution of protein in meals was different between groups.

Both groups were also required to lift weights for 3 times a week for 12 weeks. 

The Results

Group one (high protein at breakfast) put on 40% more muscle mass than the lower breakfast protein group two.

So despite both groups eating the same amount of total protein the high protein breakfast group saw significantly more muscle growth.

The scientist concluded "For resistance trained induced muscle hypertrophy in healthy young men, consuming a protein-enriched meal at breakfast and less protein at dinner while achieving an adequate overall protein intake is more effective than consuming more protein at dinner." 

Breakfast of Champions

Adding more protein can be as simple as including more eggs/egg whites, chicken, steak, etc.

Another option, and what they did in the study, is including a protein shake with breakfast. You may have seen us talk about adding XWERKS Grow to your morning coffee, this is a quick and delicious way to add easy 25g of protein to your breakfast.

Like we said earlier, if you are not hitting your daily protein goals protein timing probably won't help much. If you are, it won't make you look like Arnold over night - but it certainly won't hurt.

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