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The Importance of Lactic Acid

The Importance of Lactic Acid

Athletes have been told for decades that lactic acid is the enemy. This stems from ~120 year old hunting journal, where elevated lactic levels were observed in killed, and bagged deer. They concluded since these fatigued deer had elevated levels of lactic acid then lactic acid must cause fatigue.  

Modern science has shown that is the complete opposite of the truth, lactic acid is not a waste product as a result of exercise, it is fuel for muscles. Lactate (aka lactic acid and not to be confused with lactose) is now recognized as a key fuel source for your muscles during strenuous exercise, studies show that your blood may actually transport more lactate than glucose to fuel muscles, making lactate one of the primary fuel source during high intensity exercise and sports.

"But that, it turns out, is all wrong. Lactic acid is actually a fuel, not a caustic waste product." -NY Times

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There is one issue though, when you exercise muscles start to produce more lactate than they can consume. This process continues until the lactate levels rise in your blood to a level that signals your muscles to stop producing it. This can quickly throw off the pH in your muscles (acidosis), causing the burning sensation we all know.

Some people reach this point faster than others, the better conditioned the athlete the higher their lactic threshold (the point where your can not consume the lactate fast enough) but we all have a point where our muscles will start to burn and lose strength and endurance.

At this point, you may be wondering what is good about lactic acid. Well, here is where supplementing with lactate, one of the main ingredients in Xwerks Ignite, comes into play. By supplementing with lactate before a workout, you switch your body from lactate production to lactate consumption - as well as provide additional fuel for your muscles.

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What this means is you skip the over-production process explained above, your muscles are no longer scrambling to produce lactate to keep up with the demand brought upon by exercise. By already having lactate in your blood, your muscles already have the fuel they need.

The burning sensation is greatly reduced, even eliminated, by significantly balancing pH as this study shows. Work capacity increases through the roof, for example, this study showed a 17% increase in time to exhaustion when supplementing with lactate. 

Bonus benefit: Studies also have also shown supplementing with lactic acid along with caffeine increases anabolic signals in muscle cells - helping to increase size and strength. 

In short, consuming lactate before a workout helps:

  • Increase work capacity
  • Reduce muscle fatigue
  • Increase endurance
  • Increase recovery
  • Increased muscle growth and repair

Every time you use Xwerks Ignite before a workout, you are fueling your muscles with lactate (along with other scientifically proven ingredients), raising your work capacity and improving both strength and endurance.

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