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2nd At The Granite Games

Catch the Granite Games last weekend? Then you may have been asking yourself, "Who's that guy out there giving Mat Fraser a run for his money?" Finishing mere seconds after Fraser on The Snatch Ladder, and taking first in two of the weekend's events, Alex Anderson certainly caught our attention. We caught up with the 24-yr-old CrossFit Central East Region competitor and Miami Surge team member for his story. So read up, because trust us, you're going to want to pay attention to this athlete's career. alex-anderson-crossfit

Alex had a stellar weekend at the Granite Games. Asked what it was like battling it out with Mat Fraser for the top spot, he responds, “It was a great experience being able to go toe-to-toe with Mat Fraser. Obviously he is an exceptional competitor, but he is also a great guy. I look forward to competing against him in the future.” And it certainly looked as though the Elites were having a great time behind the scenes, hanging out, laughing and joking and snapping selfies to share on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Alex hails from Knoxville, Tennessee, a far cry from St Cloud, Minnesota, and shared what drew him here to compete for the granite. “I wound up competing at the Granite Games because John Swanson [Granite Games CEO] sent me an invite. I had heard of the event before and knew it was one of the best competitions outside of the Crossfit Games, but didn't think I would be able to come because I'm on the Miami Surge and we are in the middle of our Grid season. However, due to certain circumstances, the opportunity became available and I had the privilege of being able to come up and compete.” alex-anderson-crossfit-granitegames

Eyes may have been on Mat Fraser during the opening event, The Snatch Ladder, but Alex proved himself a force to be reckoned with. Clearing the ladder a mere 22 seconds behind the 2nd fittest man on earth, Alex caught the attention of many. When asked if he knew he’d finish that event, he said, “I felt very confident on The Snatch Ladder. My max snatch going into the event was 290, but I had been feeling very smooth and strong the weeks leading up to the Granite Games, so I knew I was due for a big lift. I was sure I would hit 295 and felt very confident about clearing the ladder and hitting 305. And thankfully, I did just that.” A 15 lb PR in the midst of the pressures of competition? Needless to say, we’re impressed. Obviously a solid snatch PR was the perfect way to kick off a weekend of competition. And that wasn’t even the only PR Alex hit over the course of the competition.  “I’d never run a 5k before, so I would consider the 19:18 I ran a PR.” We’d say so. Alex took 1st for the Elite Men on Sunday morning's 5K, crossing the finish line 2 seconds ahead of Fraser. Read more at

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