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8 Tip To Reach Your Biggest Goals

8 Tip To Reach Your Biggest Goals

If you want to improve in fitness or life, then it’s important that you have clear and specific goals. First, you’ll want to understand what you want to do, when you want to do it, and why it motivates you. Then, set out a plan and get to work.

Setting goals, and having desires is often the easy part, but committing and following through are the challenges. But, remember that the process of striving towards your goals will have a positive impact on your life, and that the results and rewards are only icing on the cake.

Here are tips to help you set and reach your biggest goals

  1. Choose a goal that matters to you. Create goals that are in line with your passions and desires. Think through what you want the most, and what you’re driven towards. The goal has to motivate you, or it won’t ever be something you follow through with. If it excites you, then create a goal around it. Ideally this goal, and this pursuit will help you become a better person in the process.
  2. Asses where you are in relation to your goal. Accurately measure where you are right now. If it’s a habit that you want to change, know how often you do it, or don’t do it, by tracking your actions. If you want to get faster, or stronger, make sure you record your current abilities so that you have a baseline and are aware of where you are.
  3. Write out a plan of action steps.  Decide what you can do daily and weekly to get closer to your goal. What small steps can you take to close the gap from where you are to where you want to be. Put this somewhere you can see it daily – or add your “to-dos” to the calendar you use the most.
  4. Give up things that don’t matter. Consider what you can do less of, to get closer to your goal. It’s not always about doing more. You gotta get clear about what you can remove from your life, to make more room for your big pursuit. What could you stop doing in order to get closer to your goal?
  5. Get your support crew involved. Reach out to anyone who cares about you to share your goal and ask for help. Tell each person that you want support, and feedback along your journey. The more coachable you are, the better you’ll be at troubleshooting the challenges in your journey. If you don’t know who to tell, consider getting a coach who can help.
  6. Assess your progress regularly. The only way to know if you have set a realistic goal is to consistently reassess where you are in relation to it. If you’re not seeing progress, it’s time to break your goals down even further or tweak your training plan. Schedule out a timeline of assessments so that you can make the necessary changes.
  7. Control the most important aspects.  Focus on your sleep quantity and quality, your nutrition, and your mindset as priorities. You can’t control a lot of aspects in your pursuit to your big goals, but you can always control the things that are most important like your health and attitude. Give as much attention as possible to helping yourself feel ready to attack the day.
  8. Be realistic AND optimistic. Expect that there will be bumps in the road, and that things won’t be perfectly smooth. Things will challenge you. You can’t just wish things will happen and expect them to, you have to be willing to work your ass off if you want to get somewhere. Be prepared to give it your all and be as adaptable as possible.

By Dawn Fletcher. Dawn is a CrossFit Level 3 Coach, and the owner of

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