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How Lactic Acid and Caffeine Increase Anabolic Activity

Sports scientist at the University of Japan conducted a study on the effects of supplementation with two ingredients found in Xwerks Ignite - lactate (lactic acid) along with caffeine. 

First, they found when mixing lactate and caffeine in a test tube boosted the synthesis of anabolic signalling proteins MyoD (below left) and myogenin (below right).

The combination also activated the anabolic signal molecules mTOR (below left) and S6K (below right). 

While done in lab, these are very interesting results none the less. The researchers went on to perform the study in rats and it gets even better:

The rats were separated into three groups:

  1. Exercise + caffeine and lactate
  2. Exercise only
  3. Control (no exercise or caffeine/lactate)

Over four weeks, these little guys in groups 1 and 2 were put on a treadmill every other day for 20mins to run - the results are fascinating. 

Group 1 (exercise combined with caffeine & lactate) saw a significant increase in muscle mass over groups 2 and 3 when they measured the rats lower leg muscle groups, gastrocnemius and tibialis anterior:

What might be even more cool, is these rats in group 1 were found to have more DNA in their muscles. This could suggest that the muscles attracted more stem cells which were converted into muscle cells. 

The researchers concluded:

We found for the first time that treatment of lactate-caffeine compound increases satellite cell activity and anabolic signals in C2C12 cells", the Japanese researchers concluded. "Furthermore, low-intensity exercise with lactate-caffeine compound increases muscle mass, satellite cell activity, and anabolic signals.

These results suggest that administration of lactate-caffeine compound could effectively increase muscle mass concomitant with elevated myonuclei, even with low-intensity exercise, by means of activated satellite cells and anabolic signals in skeletal muscle. Therefore, study of lactate-caffeine compound should provide insight into the development of strategies against muscle wasting and loss of function associated with a wide range of neuromuscular diseases such as sarcopenia.

In short, while this study was done on rats, this study suggests that supplementing with caffeine and lactate (both found in Xwerks Ignite) combined with exercise increases muscle growth and increases anabolic pathways.

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