A Day Eating with Noah Ohlsen

Ever wonder how a CrossFit Games athlete eats? Below is an average day of eating for Noah Ohlsen:


1.5 bagels
Half cup of blueberries
1 banana

1 egg, 2 egg whites
Handful of vegetables

Half scoop of Xwerks Grow whey protein powder mixed with coffee (Grow and Joe)

Multivitamin and Xwerks Omega Krill Oil.

Macros: 47g protein, 10g fat, 115g carbs.

Post-workout 1

75g (3 scoops) of Xwerks Motion - Carbs, BCAA's and Electrolytes.


1 cup of white rice
.75 cups ground beef
Handful of vegetables

Macros: 35g protein, 45g carbs, 18g fat

Post-workout 2

75g (3 scoops) of Xwerks Motion - Carbs, BCAA's and Electrolytes.


Pita chips

Chicken sausage
Half an avocado
Broccoli and kale-based salad with nuts

Macros: 47g protein, 129g carbs, 73g fat



Xwerks Grow whey protein
2 tbsp peanut butter
Half a banana

Total day’s calories: 3,165
Total macros: 167g protein, 460g carbs, 73g fat

Obviously if you are not a CrossFit Games athlete, you will not need to eat as much as Noah. But it is still important to fuel your body with the proper amount of food.

You can see the full video of Noah's eating here: