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How CBD melts away your anxiety

September 23, 2019

How CBD melts away your anxiety

Anxiety. Something nearly everyone experiences. How can CBD help us with this?

Hey there, anxiety. It's something that most people experience in low or high doses. It can get in the way of productivity and just plainly being able to live your life. 

There’s been an increasing trend in using CBD to provide relief from anxiety and stress as well as some other conditions. It’s been viewed as a natural remedy to these types of conditions, but there’s only been preliminary research and studies so far. This study from 2015 found strong supporting evidence for using CBD as a treatment for anxiety-induced disorders.

How does CBD help with anxiety? 

The human body has a system called the endocannabinoid system that regulates many functions and helps the body achieve homeostasis - or a healthy inner balance. This system in our bodies is actually designed to work with cannabinoids like CBD.

These cannabinoids like CBD can help bring your serotonin levels back to normal levels and significantly reduce the symptoms of anxiety. This is where you feel that extra chill and get into zen mode.


CBD works better when you use a tincture

Taking a CBD tincture (oil with dropper) is one of the more efficient ways to ingest it because it has more bioavailability and your body absorbs more of it for a longer time. Compare that with vapes and edibles - those doses may leave your body quickly or not be as well absorbed.

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